The Markeys at the Munkey’s Fist for St. Paddy’s Day

This Satuday we’re at The Munkey’s Fist Grill and Bar at the foot of Bernard Street in Kelowna. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we present for your listening and dancing pleasure The Malarkeys (duo edition). Live music starts at 7:00PM and wraps up by 9:30PM so come on down. No cover charge.

One comment on “The Markeys at the Munkey’s Fist for St. Paddy’s Day

  1. Brian Harris says:

    Why is it only big names get these gigs, what about local Bands like Ages 2020 And others like Sparking Apple never invited to perform? Great local bands, and a lack of Talent scouts searching out for them, These big Bands don’t need the money or promotion they already have it, what about a REAL Fest with Real people trying to get a break with good music at the for front! So sick of people using music as just a money grab and thinking nothing of those that that have put it out locally for years get sweet FA for their efforts by big wig producers of festivals like this. Sure ! Have a few big names but do not forget 100% about the little guy pouring his or her heart out into something that is just ignored to bring big bucks in the pockets of promoters who have no talent at all other than to rip the money out of the shows and run with it. So sick of this kind of crap that I rather play for free just to keep people from attending shows like this that only kiss ass to big names!!!

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