Indigo Girls will be in Kelowna on September 24th

September 24           Kelowna, BC    Kelowna Community Theatre


Tickets for the Kelowna show are available online at, by phone at 250.762.5050, or in person at the Select Your Tickets Box Office at Prospera Place (1223 Water Street)

Paul Mercs Concerts and Metropolitan Entertainment are pleased to present the following fifteen-date Canadian tour for Grammy Award-winning folk-rock duo Indigo Girls:

“Whenever we play in Canada, it’s always a total blast and we come away talking about doing a whole Canadian tour…this has happened for years, well, decades actually…so I am super psyched about this tour,” says Amy Ray.  “We’ll be driving a lot so I’m excited to see more of the country.  There will be many cool venues and just a whole new experience of people, places, and things.  I know it sounds corny, but for real, this kind of tour keeps us on our toes and inspired.  I’m looking forward to meeting new communities and getting a new perspective.”

Emily Saliers adds, “I’m really looking forward to doing a real Canadian tour.  I find Canada beautiful, diverse, and interesting, and I want to get to know the country and its people more closely.  There is no better way to do that than to go town-to-town, playing shows along the way.  I can’t wait to play more shows in the land of the greats: Joni, Neil, k.d., Siberry, The Tragically Hip and more.  Excellent times await this journey.  It also feels like starting anew in small, intimate venues.”


Decades into their career, the Indigo Girls still amaze conventional pundits with their ability to grow and thrive despite the changing state of the music industry.  Emily Saliers and Amy Ray began performing together in high school.  Since then, they have had a recording career that consists of fourteen studio albums, three live records, and three greatest hits compilations.  Of these releases, seven reached gold status, four reached platinum, and one hit the double platinum mark, with cumulative sales in excess of twelve million albums in the U.S.


With the duo’s tour history spanning twenty-five years, as well as their staunch dedication to a number of social and environmental causes, the Indigo Girls have earned a devoted following over the years.  So many artists who launched their careers in the late 1980s have slipped from our collective memory.  In contrast, the Indigo Girls stand tall, having earned the lasting respect of a multi-generational audience.

For more information on the Indigo Girls, please visit

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