Montreal rock band, ERA 9 @ Mary Irwin Theatre on Tuesday, May 29th

The band is set to take the stage of Rotary Centre for the Arts – Mary Irwin Theatre on Tuesday, May 29th, as part of their headlining tour throughout Western Canada. The tour is sponsored by HMP Music and will showcase pop/rock artists and bands from across the country. ERA 9 has been making quite the noise around Canada, having already appeared on Much Music and CBC, and I’d love to set something up for while they are in town.

ERA 9’s self-titled debut album, produced by Pierre Pineault and generously financed by Gail Issenman of Green Door Music Inc., released on May 20th, 2011 to a sold-out crowd at Plaza Theater. Their first single and music video “Goodnight” has been generating positive reviews from a steadily growing fan-base proving that the band’s genre bending antics are sure to turn more than a few heads.

ERA 9’s meticulous attention to detail and charismatic live performances are a testament to their hard work and has earned them the privilege to play in some of Quebec’s elite venues such as Le Medley, Bourbon Street North & Bar Chez Maurice, ERA 9’s vision of modern rock is poised to contribute to today’s music scene and is certainly a promising sign of things to come. Wandering stylistically from funk to heavy metal, ERA 9’s music remains rooted in their classic rock sensibilities. This mish-mashing of genres is not surprising given the band’s diverse approach to song writing. From hard-charging rhythms, sharp hooks and soaring vocals to gentle acoustic ballads, the members continue to inject new life in contemporary rock.

Tickets available here

2 comments on “Montreal rock band, ERA 9 @ Mary Irwin Theatre on Tuesday, May 29th

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  2. sabino says:

    I love this band. I’m in calgary. when are they coming to play here?????

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