Anchoress, Northern Guard and Westshore Falls – Friday, May 25th

The inception of Anchoress can be traced back to the Spring of 2010. The fated meeting involved two dudes with beards bonding over a Ruiner shirt at a party. In the rapid, gushing friendship that followed, it was revealed that one represented a guitarist and singer looking for a rhythm section and the other represented a rhythm section looking for a guitarist and singer.

The four then holed up in a garage for several months writing songs that they thought sounded fun and gnarly. In February of 2011, they entered The Hive Studios with Jesse Karr. The product of that session was the album, Set Sail, which they self released on March 4, 2011, to positive reviews.

The summer of 2011 was well spent playing various shows around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, including the 7th Victoria Hardcore Festival.

The fantastic foursome spent most of the fall of 2011 writing new material. 2012 was ushered in with style: A rad house show and a music video released (for ‘She-Devil’), with more shows on the way. On February 14th “A Night at the Movies EP” was released for free online download. It features a brand new song and a Set Sail b-side.

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