I moved here from Newfoundland 22 years ago. I’m use to a very vibrant live music scene with dozens of bands playing a dozen different venues on any given night. I have been a passionate supporter of the Kelowna music community for over 20 years.  In 2010, I was on the Host Committee for the Breakout West Music festival held in Kelowna.  For the past 15 years he has been running this Kelowna Live Music blog to help support local artists and venues by helping to spread the word about local events.  I have been closely watching the evolution of the music scene in Kelowna, and while we have some great venues, we are lacking in certain areas.

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  1. johnny says:

    I am an MC from Vancouver who will be rolling through your town as part of the Warren G tour. I was looking to get any kind of press or play before hand and/or while in some of the towns I’m hitting with Kelowna being a major focus.

    You can check out my bio and some tracks here…


    or free downloads

    I look forward to hearing from you. Respect on a kick ass blog and for preserving music culture in this province.


  2. Ruth O'Doherty says:

    How does one get events listed here?

  3. Vince Jones says:

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for putting this site together. I am originally from Salford, Greater Manchester, England, so I am use to a very vibrant music scene too. It’s great to have a site where much of the information regarding local live music is available. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. Hey Jason,

    Thanks very much for putting this site together. I am new in town, recently moved from Nelson where we had a really good live music scene for such a small city. I was the owner and manager of The Royal for two years, and really miss the concerts, so that’s why I’m grateful you put this site together.

    I started a Facebook Group Kelowna Social Club, and I want to get groups of people to come out and see the shows. If you’d join my group I’d be grateful.

    Luke Joseph Menkes

  5. Gisèle says:

    Hey Jason: Great to see this blog. I am new to Kelowna and interested in getting involved in the music scene here. This is definitely a great place to start. Thanks! 🙂

  6. Ra says:

    Hi Jason,
    We are a band called Q.E.D from Winnipeg promoting our third album and are performing April 13,14 at Dave’s Sports Bar.

  7. Darcy says:

    Hi Jason:

    Can you please change the Gonozo Link to http://www.gonzoonline.ca

    thanks in advance!

    Darcy Nybo
    Managing Editor
    Gonzo Online

  8. Randy says:

    Jason Laner! Johnny Yuill just put me onto your site, nice work man, and thanks for doing this!

    Randy Jones

  9. jade uzelman says:

    Hi Jason,
    Im the owner of the Second Cup in West Kelowna. We periodically feature local artists at the cafe! We have Cynthia Leigh-Ann coming next Thursday (July 19) at 7:00 PM. She is a country/pop artist from the area. She has performed at Merrit Mountain Music Fest as well as Calgary Stampede to name a few! Would you be able to add this to your event listing?? You can check out her website for more information http://www.cynthialeighann.ca/
    I can be reached at 250-707-2356 or secondcup9636@secondcup.com

  10. donna says:

    Hi Jason, we like your site and want to add it to our site’s main page as a resource for live music in Kelowna/the Okanagan. Can you please email us as we have a few questions first. Thanks.

  11. donna says:

    Hi Jason, we’re interested in adding your site to our site’s main page as a resource for music in Kelowna/Okanagan. Can you email us please as we have some questions first. Thanks.

  12. Rouyn-Noranda, QC
    Sunday, December 15th 2013

    Attn: Management

    Dear tenants,

    We are looking to book concerts for our 2014 winter tour. Here is a short description of our band.
    We don’t ask for being paid for our performances. We are true DIY and respectful. We have our own sound equipment.
    We only need enough space to put a drum and an amp in.

    We plan to be in the Interior BC – Okanagan – Kootenay – Rockies area in between Monday, January 27th ; Tuesday, January, 28th; Wednesday, January 29th; Thursday, January 30th.

    Thank You for your interest.

    Follow Us Via FB


    Formed during the cold 2013 canadian winter in a Northern area of Quebec, KARATE KIDS is a French singing math/punk duo set up to tour relentlessly in other provinces of this country we were born in. We actually want to challenge ourselves by doing concerts in areas that are known for being English speaking. We want to meet new people and share with them our music. We aim to perform from Vancouver to Montreal from January 23rd to February 10th. We will record some of the live performances for a later release.

    We deliver a sincere French Screamo, influenced by European fellows from: The Sons Of Saturn, Céleste, La Quiete, Hombre Malo, while keeping a touch of the melodic Midwest American emo likes of American Football, Algernon Cadwallader, Chalk Talk, Daniel Striped Tiger and Native. We’d like people to think we’re not your typical French punk band.

    Sebastien Dupras and Mathieu Drolet met in 2006 and were part of many musical projects together. They played over 200 concerts during that time and were involved in their local underground musical scene. Here is a list of links where you can stream and listen to some of their previous musical efforts.

    Le Conflit (French Post-Hardcore from Rouyn-Noranda, QC)


    Cabron (Country/Shoegaze/French Pop from Montreal, QC)



    The Empire Strikes Back (Screamo/Hardcore from Val-d’Or, QC)


    Feu De Pneu (French Stoner/Punk/Hardcore from Malartic, QC)


    Copernic : Tonka (Experimental/Noise/Electro from Montreal, QC)


    Karate Kids (On the run) 2013 West Canada Tour

    The dates listed below are the projected dates of the tour we will be on from January the 23rd to February the 10th. Areas are combined with dates we would be available to play there. Feel free to contact us in regards of any questions you might have. We are hoping to meet you along the way!


    Thursday, January 23rd 2013

    Friday, January 24th 2013

    Saturday, January 25th 2013

    Sunday, January 26th 2013


    Monday, January 27th

    Tuesday, January, 28th

    Wednesday, January 29th

    Thursday, January 30th


    Thursday, January 30th

    Friday, February 1st

    Saturday, February 2nd


    Saturday, February 2nd

    Sunday, February 3rd


    Sunday, February 3rd

    Monday, February 4th

    Tuesday, February 5th


    Tuesday, February 5th

    Wednesday, February 6th


    Wednesday, February 6th

    Thursday, February 7th


    Thursday, February 7th

    Friday, February 8th


    Friday, February 8th

    Saturday, February 9th

    Sunday, February 10th

  13. Hey jason!
    Great website ! Thanks for bringing all the music, and as a result all the folks together.


  14. Andrew says:

    Hey guys .would love to get a show featured . A Day As Wolves from Calgary Alberta play Fernados with Son Howler March 28th at Fernados for a night of fuzzy blues rock
    We are X929 fm xposure winners and have played with the likes of July talk, Cage The Elephant , Said The Whale and Royal Tusk to name a few .

  15. Damian Anthony says:

    Hey, we may be heading through Kellowna in October and we’re looking to get in touch with a promoter or some bands to set up a show with. We play somewhere between harder Rock / pop-punk, not quite metal but does have some influence. If anybody could recommend me someone to get in touch with please email me at dnbhooper@gmail.com

  16. Jesse Hannebauer says:

    Hey Jason. Got a show coming up on saturday, anyway I could get it posted on the blog?


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