Final show at Milkcrate Records, this Sunday


It’s very sad to see this store close after 8 years (and two locations).  It’s so much more than a record store.  Richard and the staff have been such a big party of the downtown community, and the local artist community since they opened their doors.

A note from Richard:

Thank you to all the Artists, Poets, Authors, Filmmakers, Musicians, Singers and Bands who enriched our lives with their Music, Talent, Passion and Artistry.  Thank you to all the Arts & Music & Spoken Word fans who came and cheered and clapped and shared the Love.  For us it always was and always shall be about the Music. we’re very proud to have presented close to 400 shows over 8 years at Milkcrate, featuring over 1000+ artists !

As Greg Keelor (Blue Rodeo) closes out their shows: “ we’ll see you all further on down the road “

Thanks a lot eh!

Richard and The Milkcrate Crew

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