Tune It Down, Turn It Up

Tune It Down, Turn It Up is back in action and is proud to present a showcase of psychedelic/fuzz/stoner/rock music once again.

The music will start off at Muninn’s post and continue on at 702 Bernard Ave ( diagonally across from Safeway) which will be starting later and finishing later to off set the playing times between venues to be able to catch more of the music.

There will be 15 bands through out the two days with the 24th being held at a secret location. Which will be disclosed how to find at the end of the night at the 702 Bernard Ave venue.

$25 weekend passes to both venues can be purchased at either venue location and that includes a map to Saturdays secret second venue location. On the Saturday when you’ve presented your wrist band to the map holder at the disclosed location, he will then give you your secret map where you can then car pool up to the hidden venue. Camping will be available for anyone wanting to spend the night on the Saturday.

Keep posted for band line ups. More info to come. Hope to see you all out and about to support these local musicians.

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