Live Music – May 4th

Friday, May 4th, 2018 venue
Ancient Engines and the Carbons Milkcrate Records
Bush Party Doc Willoughby’s Pub
Dirty Dancing Prospera Place
Four Troubadours Munkey’s Fist Grill and Bar
Jimmy Legs Whiski-Jacks
Johnny 2 Fingers and the D’s Fernandos Pub
Linus The Blue Gator
Live Music Playtime Casino
Live Music Vintner’s Poolside Grill
Live Music Marmalade Cat Cafe
Major Mambo La Lupita – Tapas & Mezcal
Noble Crew O’Flannigans Pub
Silver Knights Cache Lounge
Skylar Bouchard OK Corral
Songs of the Southern Belles MTL
Stickybuds, Galactic Hobos Sapphire
The Dog Indiana Grateful Fed
The Psycherelics Habitat

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