Rio By Night w/guest Leila Neverland Live @ FernandosPub, Feb. 17th

LEILA NEVERLAND Leila Neverland’s new ukulele set is full of hilarious storytelling and gives a new edge to her live performance. Come check it out!!

Frontwoman/songwriter Britt MacLeod takes inspiration from a wide range of musical styles and creates songs that are somehow both dark and catchy, thought-provoking yet danceable. MacLeod leads the project with her soulful voice and ukulele, and is joined by a talented core of musicians: Mike Lauder (drums), Andrew Moulder (bass), Paul Wilson (synths/sequencing), and Reggie Harvey (guitars/keys).

The live shows are electric, fun, and always new and fresh. Stylistically, Rio By Night covers a lot of ground. Energetically, they consistently hit the roof.

Rio By Night’s debut self-titled EP of 6 songs was released July 2012. It is available on iTunes, CD Baby and in select independent Canadian record stores. A new 11-track LP titled “Yet The World” was released July 20th, 2017.

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