The Tragically Hip Farewell

Like a lot of people who are going to see the Tragically Hip on the farewell tour that starts tonight in Victoria, it will be an emotional show.  People I’ve talked to are not too sure what to expect.  The Vancouver show on Sunday will be the 2nd show of the tour and for me, it’ll be my 8th time seeing them.  Almost 21 years to the day from my first Hip show I saw while in University.  Every show was unique, unexpected and amazing! Who remembers the great show in Kelowna’s City park in 2003?



unnamed (3)


One comment on “The Tragically Hip Farewell

  1. […] many great concert experiences seeing The Tragically Hip over the past 20 years.  The show they did promoting their “Now for Plan A” album with The Arkells @ Interior […]

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