Saturday at Docs – Double Fuzz with Woodhawk and Bad Animal

Double Fuzz
Calgary’s blues rock duo Double Fuzz have been constructing their amplified sound since 2012. With their dirty guitar riffs, menacing edgy vocals and punchy loud drum licks, Double Fuzz has people turning the volume to the max.
The recent release of their self titled debut album has received great review and Double Fuzz graced the cover of Beatroute in celebration of this release. The album was recorded with the talented Jesse Gander at The Hive Studio in Burnaby BC, who has recorded with Pack AD, The Black Mountain and other great bands

Wood hawk
Under heavy influence of the riff, ales and Star Wars, Woodhawk brings riff rock to a whole other level. Formed in summer of 2013, Turner, and Mike began jamming with various drummers until they stumbled upon long time friend and colleague, Meishka Corrigan. Founded on the love of 70’s rock with a modern swing, Woodhawk was born.

Bad Animal
It all begins in Calgary, Alberta – their stomping grounds on which they unleash their wicked punk-infused rock n’ roll grooves. Among the group, is a musical common-law marriage between Marek Skiba (Guitar) and Trevor Stoddart (Drums) which began over a decade ago, playing in varying incarnations and genres. Sticking together has created a creative connection that cannot be taught. Bringing together Ben Painter (Vocals) and Kyle Gritchin (guitar) to form what is now Bad Animal. Live, Bad Animal are undoubtedly an exciting band, explosive stage presence and an all around performance that will keep your ears ringing and will not be forgotten.

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