Towers and Trees at The Streaming Cafe on Saturday, Nov 21

Victoria indie rockers Towers and Trees will be heading to Kelowna for a show at The Streaming Cafe on Saturday, Nov 21 following the release of their first full-length album, The West Coast
Known for Montreal and infectious online covers, Towers and Trees is led by lead singer/sole-songwriter, Adrian Chalifour. The West Coast is both a homage to his home province BC and a reflection of a very turbulent time in his life – the end of his 12 year relationship and 7 year marriage. Don’t expect anything dreary though, as Adrian put it, “this album is about believing in love in the midst of losing it.” Its upbeat songs and wide sound, like the vast west coast shoreline, will have you feeling inspired from the start. You may have heard its title track ‘West Coast‘ or latest single ‘Bad Heart‘ and now fans will be able to hear the album live in its entirety. 
Following a national spring tour with fellow Victoria based (Alberta born) musician, Mike Edel and a busy festival season, Towers and Trees are poised and primed for an even bigger year ahead. In support of The West Coast, the band will be touring, you guessed it, the western provinces (BC + AB) this Nov into early 2016. 

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