On the Road: Touring & Training Workshop for Aspiring & Emerging Artists

The BC Touring Council (BCTC), in partnership with the BC Arts Council, Presents:
On the Road: Touring & Training Workshop for Aspiring & Emerging Artists

Nov 9 & 10th 2015 – Kelowna Community Theatre and Rotary Centre for the Arts

For dance, theatre music, spoken word, performance artists wanting to break into new touring markets and get some face to face with varied people and facets of this touring industry.

Sessions led by a group of accomplished artists, agents and presenters on topics such as tour readiness, scheduling, touring by discipline, booking, contracts, marketing, tour finances and management, production and technical. Learn about Contact Events, Showcasing and Pitch or Perform sessions. A limited number of travel subsidies are available.

Become a BCTC member and register FREE. Anyone who registers before October 28 will be entered into a draw for a FREE Pacific Contact 2016 registration (value of $450+)  April 1 to 3, 2016. In its 40th year, Pacific Contact 2016  is the BC Touring Council’s annual tradeshow and booking conference for the performing arts.


Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/events/1051748311516111/

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