Bottega Music Festival – Get Your Weekend Passes

We’re a little over a week away till the Bottega Music Festival takes place Friday, July 17th and Saturday, July 18th at BOTTEGA FARM INN & STUDIO 4485 Sallows Rd., Kelowna, BC

Built on the 5 year success of the grassroots Lille Gard Festival, Bottega Festival will welcome a diverse crowd of all ages to experience 2 days of inspiring music, arts and entertainment.

So what’s in store for this weekend?  You’ll see 15 artists performing an eclectic mix of soul, folk, acoustic, pop, rock and blues!  Read up on these Featured Artists: Windmills, Ari Neufeld, Until Red, Andrew Judah, Paperboy & The Messengers, The Trips.

Get your weekend passes fr only $39!

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