Saturday, July 5th – Live music around Kelowna

Saturday, July 5th, 2014 venue
Andrew Judah Streaming Café
DJ Inviszible Doc Willoughby’s Pub
Floyd Vedan band Kelowna Lake City Casino 
Kyle Tubbs & Connor Vibrant Vine Winery
Major Mambo / Rant n Rave Lake Country, Various parks
Papa Wheely The Blue Gator
Parks Alive – Rock & Roll Parks Alive, Kerry Park
Reggae Tunes with DJ Mikey Dakodas
Slamdogs Riley’s Pub
The Trips Minstrel Cafe
Wild Son Turtle Bay Pub
Woodstock Revival Gatzkes Farm

101.5 EZ Rock Theme Weekend

1480 Mills St (beside ‘The Sails’ on Bernard Ave)

Okanagan Strata Management presents…

6:30 Radio Lifeline (Classic Rock; 4 piece)
7:30 Rattlesnake Shakes (Surf Rock; 3 piece)
8:30 Marty Edwards and the Revival (60’s and 70’s Hits; 5 piece)
9:30 Roy Has Fire (Alt Rock; 4 piece)

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