101.5 EZ Rock Theme Weekends – Parks Alive this Weekend!

July 4th, 2014
06:30 P – 10:30 P
Kelowna Pride Stage, Kerry Park
Kerry Park , Kelowna  CA

1480 Mills St (beside ‘The Sails’ on Bernard Ave)


6:30 Flashback (Classic Rock; 4 piece)
7:30 Mundayz (Classic Rock; 7 piece)
8:30 Jimmy LeGuilloux (Adult Rock; 4 piece)
9:45 The Marksmen (Rock & Roll; 4 piece)


6:30 Radio Lifeline (Classic Rock; 4 piece)
7:30 Rattlesnake Shakes (Surf Rock; 3 piece)
8:30 Marty Edwards and the Revival (60’s and 70’s Hits; 5 piece)
9:30 Roy Has Fire (Alt Rock; 4 piece)

Parks Alive! produces over 50 events each year, primarily in the summer months,  throughout many of Kelowna’s parks and public spaces. Entertainment is family-friendly and suitable for people of all ages and tastes. Performers range from local artists to world-class professionals, performing in a variety of musical genres and styles.

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