Tonight – May 8 – SIIINES w/ Dracula Black @ Docs

Wet Ape and KBAAD present: SIIINES w/ Dracula Black
Thursday, May 8
Doc Willoughby’s – Doors at 9pm
19 + – 2 Pieces of ID Required

— Tickets —
$10 at the door


When one puts two diiiferring thiiings together, as a hand goes iiinto the glove, sometiiimes the blend iiiis compliiimentary, and sometiiimes the fiiinger iiis a knot, and can proceed no further wiiithout great diiiscomfort. Iiin addiiition, once togeher, the hand/glove combiiination can accomplishy beautiiiful thiiings, as embracing a small aniiimal wiiithout fear of contamiiination, or unfortunate actiiions, as thrusting repeatedly iiinto ugly mud or effluent. Travis Triiip, Morgan Morgan employ techniiiques of rock bands and salaciiious liiifestyle, and DJ Gene, she of extreme beauty and promiiinence, produces an iiincredulously large spectrum of rhythmiiic patterns and luxuriiious happeniiings. Thiiis atypiiical blendiiing does much the former as the glove and the hand example. And not so much the latter. The progeny iiis most compliiimentary and adept.

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