Interview: Old Cabin – check out the show tonight @ Streaming Cafe

Check out the show tonight with Old Cabin and Twin Voices at 7pm, no cover.  Below is an interview with Old Cabin (AKA Jona Barr)

Hi Jona!  You’ve been playing shows in Vancouver lately, how have they been going?

Hey Jason, the shows in Vancouver have been great. Laura & I played a “DOOM” themed house show last week that was pretty awesome. A house show with a smoke machine, pretty epic!

Do you draw a lot of inspiration from being from the Yukon into your songwriting?

I sure do, The Yukon is a pretty diverse and extreme place, attracting pretty diverse and extreme people. It seems to me that a good portion of Canadian songwriters write about their home town or country.

What was the writing process like for your 2013 album “Old Cabin”?

This album is a collection of songs written over the last ten years. I tried to pick a good group of songs that blended together. It was great working with Jordy & Micah on song arrangements. We changed a few of the tunes while recording to give the album a more consistent flow. “Lighthouse” was actually supposed to be a slow song.

Here in Kelowna, a few years ago we held the BreakOut West Music festival and it was an opportunity for a lot of new artists to get exposure on a bigger stage.  Have you had the opportunity to participate in this sort of festival?

I attended the BOW Fest a few years ago when it came up to Whitehorse. It seems like a great way to showcase western musicians. I’ve had the opportunities to play at festivals like Dawson City Music Fest, Frostbite Music Fest & most others back home. This year I am aiming to branch out to festivals across Canada. So far its looking like it’ll be a great summer.

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