Live Music this Weekend – Dec. 20th and 21st

Friday, Dec. 20th, 2013 venue
 Non Prophet Society Turtle Bay Pub
Blue Skies Trio The Yellow House
Devon Coyote Doc Willoughby’s Pub
Easy Fix The Blue Gator
Live Jazz Vintner’s Poolside Grill
Manual Scavengers Fernandos Pub
Papa Wheely O’Flannigans Pub
Piano Lounge with Tricia Dalgleish Rotary Centre for the Arts
The Rowdymen Minstrel Cafe

Saturday, Dec. 21st, 2013 venue
Fighting Orange Minstrel Cafe
Live Music Vintner’s Poolside Grill
Major Mambo Soul De Cuba Cafe
Papa Wheely O’Flannigans Pub
Sugar Coated Killers Grateful Fed
Zamboni Brothers The Blue Gator

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