Colin Cowan & The Elastic Stars LIVE in KELOWNA @ The Streaming Cafe

Whilst bunking in BC’s beautiful interior recording a NEW ELASTIC STARS album, Colin, Jenn, Ben and whichever other merry misfits from the band will be performing an intimate show at Kelowna’s renowned STREAMING CAFE.. Come one come all OR … watch the show LIVE online!
**** LIVE ONLINE @ . 7PM (Pacific Standard Time

Colin Cowan & The Elastic Stars is the brain child of the gent mentioned in the band’s title. This is a psychedelic folk rock project that started as a result of Colin branching off from his other bands (Analog Bell Service, Vows, White Knife, Tishomingo String Band, Rob Butterfield, MALCOM JACK, Jenn Bojm and Dan Mangan). “Fall Paths” is a florescent cup of warm nostalgic soup fit for any contemporary starchild or drifter…

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