Live music this weekend – Oct. 18th and 19th

Friday, Oct. 18th, 2013 venue
Aaron Halliday Kelowna Lake City Casino 
Blue City Trio Minstrel Cafe
Colt 45 O’Flannigans Pub
Live Jazz Vintner’s Poolside Grill
Live Music Grateful Fed
Public House band Turtle Bay Pub
Rabbit Hole / Greg Drummond Fernandos Pub
Shreddy Krueger / Young Sparrows Habitat
Young ‘Uns The Blue Gator

Saturday, Oct. 19th, 2013 venue
Andrew Judah Streaming Café
Colt 45 O’Flannigans Pub
Kyprios Habitat
Live Music Vintner’s Poolside Grill
Paperboy / Joyful Door Grateful Fed
Poppa Dawg Minstrel Cafe
Slumlord + Contention French Cultural Centre
Talented Kelowna Freddys Brew Pub
Young ‘Uns The Blue Gator

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