The Belushis will rock Fernandos on May 2nd

The Belushis are Vancouver’s own champions of sweat rock. Their explosive live show and strong recordings have led to the Belushis being paired with some of the best touring acts on the road today, including; The Bellrays (Alternative Tentacles/Crucial Gesture), the Atomic Bitchwax (Meteor City), Valis (ex- Screaming Trees, Small Stone/Man’s Ruin), Cobra Skulls (Fat Wreck Chords, Interpunk) and Rich Hope and His Evil Doers.

Earning their keep onstage with non-stop, earsplitting, sweat-flying, no-bullshit action, The Belushis are one of Vancouver’s longest running premier hard rock bands, combining the best riff-rocking TKOs on the Canadian West Coast in the finest tradition of bands like AC/DC, the Ramones and Motorhead. In print they have been compared to the Stooges and the MC5, but the band members would also tip their influence caps to fellow Canadian rockers Tricky Woo and C’mon, not to mention such rock and roll warriors as the Supersuckers, Turbonegro, the Hellacopters and Nashville Pussy.

“Listening to Shaker from start to finish is almost as exhausting as watching their riotous, sweat-drenched live shows, and in an evolving world of music that is seeming to veer closer to alienation through electronics, it is good to know there are still some purists out there who just want to rock the fuck out!” – Discorder

“…The Belushis play big music with a larger-than-life this-town-ain’t-big- enough-fer-the-both-of-us sound and attitude. Loud, vivid, untouched by human sensitivity…” –Maximumrockandroll

“the Belushis are rich in those ineffable qualities—heart, swagger, huge testicles—that make a good rock band great…” –The Georgia Straight

“…the sweat practically pours out of your speakers and you half expect the band to pass out before the album’s over.” –FFWD Magazine

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