Brent Tyler / Jory Kinjo Live at Fernando’s – Friday, Jan. 25th

Facebook event

“Brent Tyler, In Rhythm…Folk rock with feeling, this album builds on Tyler’s soulful voice and acoustic instrumentation.”

– Avenue Magazine

“Brent Tyler…a Tall man with a Grande talent and a Venti heart!”- Jonathan Love, California 103FM Radio

“With a few humble opening lines, the environment changed. In a casual space of around thirty seats, the air became warmer as Tyler’s gorgeous, melodious vocals washed through the space and the band’s instruments melted together into one whole, living sound. Where was I when this music played? Perhaps I was on a sunny beach or driving deep into green farmland; I was somewhere good. This continued on throughout the hours until 11:00pm hit, with everything bleeding together in a mix of honest stories, humour, band antics and, whether it was in dancing for those who did, in Brent’s lyrics or recollections, or in the testimony Matt gave at the show’s close, love. Through the soft originals and fast, either of which set to exclaim Tyler’s ability as a guitarist, to a final, pitch-perfect encore of Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic,” what existed in that tight warm space on 30th Avenue was love– for life, for the art, for possibly everything. Big love.”

– Graeme Higginson,

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