Ecotone 2013 at Rotary Center for the Arts

It’s happening again! This is the annual Local, Organic and Zero Waste, Okanagan underground creative gathering known as conduit. A hundred Local artists will fill the Rotary center for the Arts with pictoral and sculptural installation for the month of February. The opening reception is a full day of live music, performance art, craft, organic fair, ecologically themed innovation and invention by the people for the people.

Facebook Event

Doors at 4pm, running until 2am 
$10 Students $15 General, Kids & Alternator Members $5 minimum donation

400-425pm Al Tarab
425-450pm Summerhill African Drumming Group
450-520pm Kalumba
520-555pm Open Drum Jam
555-605pm Rawle I am James
605-610pm Alex Eastman
610-635pm Killer Panda
635-645pm Darren Williams
645-655pm Jessica Bonney and Laura Sciarpelletti
655-715pm Nathan and Jeff
715-735pm Michael Musclow
735-755pm Vanessa Eides Tribe
755-815pm Joyful Door
815-835pm Windmills
835-845pm Cam Welch
845-945pm Ullus Collective: Billy Walker, John Terbasket, Warren Abrupt Hooley
945-1015pm Winter Provincial
1015-1035pm Hard Funk
1035-1115pm Van Damsel
1115-1120pm Ecotone Address
1120-1215pm Wild Son
1215-1245pm Kinshira
1230-200am Rumpus Room

640-755pm Sound Cans
845-945pm Scott Mendonca

700pm Curtis Stone “Green City Acres”
Cop car Bonfire
Psychic Boomers
Tiger Lillies
Grizz Lee

Main Gallery
Jose Luis Torres (Montreal)

Members Gallery
Cool Arts Claymation reel
and other film screenings, including a film by Kevin Mcgovern.

Visual Artists:

Meghan Wise
Shauna Oddleifson
Kyle Zsombor
Katie Csak
Abbie Cipes
Nadine Bradshaw
Kristen Amy Cresswell
Lucas Glenn
Kevin Jesuino
Shimshon Obadia
Rena Warren
Richard Clegg
DUO-(artists Melanie Newell & kayleigh mace)
Catherine Dumontreuil
Wyatt Parker
Sheena Gibson
Ullus Collective:
Levi George, Linda Anderson, Sheldon Louis
Alfred Snow, Stephanie Ohles,
Elise Hann
Sherilyn Williams
Liz Dumont
Desiree Wagner
Brit Bachman
Alyson Dawn
Marion Krahn
Sara Gagnon
Carrie Harper
Nikki Balfour
Matthew Neimann
Heather Hollingdale
David & Jorden Doody
RCA residents open studio
And more…

Crafters/ Exhibitors:

CuRio Designs
Fractal Photography (Shannon Holand)
Mayan Craft and Oracle (Merium Cunha)
Maybe- Green Peace
No Pipelines No Tankers
Nateah Designs
Random Tandem
Kub’s Dyes
Herb & Petal
Sunshine Farms Seeds
Green City Acres
Divine Expressions
Fruit Tree Project
Scribbled Sun
Morning Dove Gardens

Beer & Wine:
Summerhill Pyramid Winery
Nelson Brewery

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