Andy Shauf brings The Bearer of Bad News to Kelowna

Saskatchewan songwriter Andy Shauf and his band will be giving Western Canada their first taste his first full length LP since 2008, “The Bearer of Bad News” to be released November 6th. Listen to the song “You’re Out Wasting” below.

Four years of wasting summer days away, endless winter nights waiting for cold minutes to tick by, months strung together by time spent on the roads spanning Canada and the US – these are the elements that have inspired Andy Shauf’s sophomore album, The Bearer of Bad News, which is set to be released on November 6th, 2012.

Not rushing things might be a trait taken from Andy Shauf’s prairie upbringing. Marking the time between his debut album, Darker Days (2008) and his forthcoming album was the EP Sam Jones Feeds His Demons, which he released independently in March of 2012.

It is Andy’s distinctive ability to sit with his songs and his humble appreciation of that time spent that makes him one of the most engaging emerging songwriters in Canada.

Known for both honest and raw self-reflective songs as well as captivating lyrical works of fiction, the handful of years Andy took to release this album led him to explore the themes of uncertainty, curiosity and spirituality. “I think spirituality is a huge part of life whether you are religious or not, even if you’re just superstitious. You can’t really get away from the fact that we don’t know everything.” The unsettling stories told on The Bearer of Bad News came as Andy wrote both at home and on the road. Musically, the record took shape in a modest home studio in his parents basement, where Andy spent hours writing, recording and producing each song himself. “Spending all this time allowed me a lot of freedom in the ways I arranged the songs. I could work on a drum part for a whole day, or play piano for 2 hours without figuring anything out and be okay with that.”

Building unassuming melodies from the sounds of a weathered piano, the warm resonance of the aged strings on his acoustic guitar, and of course, the clarinet; the heart of The Bearer of Bad News still resides in Andy’s clear voice and dark musical storytelling.

In the record’s final stages, Andy came together with producer and engineer; Jonathan Anderson (Aidan Knight, Jordan Klassen) to give the record it’s polished sound, while still maintaining the authentic humble approach that listeners of Andy Shauf have come to appreciate.

The Bearer of Bad News track listing:

1. Hometown Hero
2. Drink My Rivers
3. I’m Not Falling Asleep
4. Covered In Dust
5. Wendell Walker
6. You’re Out Wasting
7. The Man On Stage
8. Jesus, She’s A Good Girl
9. Lick Your Wounds
10. Jerry Was A Clerk
11. My Dear Helen

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