RELIC Raises The Bar With Self Made Release – plays Kelowna, Oct. 4th at Grateful Fed

Toronto hip hop guru Relic released his album ‘Miles To Go’ last week and will be playing in Kelowna TONIGHT as he tours across Canada playing shows here and in the US. This album was entirely self made – he wrote, recorded, produced, and mixed it entirely on his own. Shad counts himself among Relic’s fan and hopefully you will too.

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Stream Miles To Go here

If being a “Triple threat” is an ace in the hole for most performers, then RELIC aka Rel McCoy is about to show the world how dangerous he really is. The Toronto based hip-hop guru can list Emcee, DJ, Producer, Engineer and Singer to his credits, all of which he showcases on his latest album Miles To Go. It’s an undertaking few can pull off, let alone take credit for, but the evidence of his ability to combine these talents with a deft touch can be heard in spades on this stunning release that combines old-school melodies and intense rhymes with breakneck speed.

A Juno Award producer listed on Shad’s winning album, RELIC is making a name for himself as the total package in Canadian hip-hop. Out on September 11th, Miles To Go is a full length he opted to (get ready for it) write, record, produce and mix entirely on his own. The result is an album where nothing sounds calculated or forced; there’s a natural attention to rhythm that allows tracks like the funk-influenced “Out of the Blue” or the inspired and courageous “Action Figure” (in which he gives props to Steve Nash) to adapt to every situation.

“What I like most about his style is that his approach to production and rapping is always true to the essence of hip hop but still inventive in subtle and surprising ways, and above that, his content is sincere and relatable.” – SHAD

This is not hip-hop with an edge just for the sake of having an edge. It’s RELIC recounting the stories of his life which brought him to where he is today. The opening 1-2 punch of “Gone Clear” and “Nobody Like You” showcase how easily his introspective lyrics can be related to by all fans of hip-hop. They’re stories for all to hear, enjoy and bring forth their own perspective.

Though RELIC did manage to create Miles To Go on his own, he wasn’t too proud to allow his friends into the studio and put their touches on the album. He invited the aforementioned Shad along with Ghettosocks in for “Down and Dirty,” Brotha Soul for “The Extra Mile” and Mr. J. Medeiros on “The Valley.” This was an important move as he sought to maintain the personal relationships he has with these artists.

Miles To Go features an honest and soulful approach where RELIC embodies the bold and vulnerable spirit of hip-hop culture.

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