GOB w/ Dracula Black – Tuesday at Doc’s

For 15 years Vancouver’s GOB have been leaving flaming bags of steaming hot punk rock on your doorstep, and turdburglars like you have been stompin your feet. Well guess what genius… now you gots PUNK all over your pennyloafers! Gabe and Fairweather lay the tracks and Tom and Theo run a train over your ass and that’s the goddamn way it is! Gob – pulling faces and breaking hearts since ’94.

Dracula Black derived their name from the famous monologue delivered by Mickey Rouke’s character in the 2010 movie “The Expendables” where describing the growth of darkness within an individual’s soul and their redemption.

$10 advance – $15 door – Doors 9pm

Presale tickets available at:
– Doc Willoughby’s – http://www.docwilloughby.com/
– Milkcrate Records – http://www.milkcraterecords.ca/

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