Ten Times the Creativity for Ten Bucks.

Chances are you have never been to an evening like this.  ‘Ten Artists. Ten Minutes. Ten Bucks. Inspiration included’. Sound too good to be true? Well, on May 24 Kelowna residents will have the chance to get more bang for a buck than seems even possible.  The event will take place at BO.TTEGA FARM INN 4485 Sallows Rd.and is part 3 of the TribeHouse Lille Gard Sessions which is a series of events leading up the Lille Gard Festival  on July 1st weekend.

This fast paced evening will feature ten artists with a time limit of 10 minutes each to show their art. The event will have something for everyone and the line- up of ten minute artists is impressive;

Scotty Gamble ( one of the Okanagan’s premier drummers) will  present a drum solo,
Sandra Babbel – opera vocal presentation,
Nathan Hare – spoken word,
Martin Krátký- principal cellist for Kamloops Symphony Orchestra,
Katie Brennan – Visual Arts,
Dylan Ranney – sculpture,
twin brothers Bruce and Brian Wiebe – music and poetry,
Todd Ramsey – Animation,
Jackie Faulkner – Dance
Jesse Padgett – ventriloquism, comedy/banjo.

This is a rare opportunity to see and be inspired by a lot of artists in a short amount of time. Tickets are available online at http://www.tribehouse.org/2012/03/ten-ten-ten/

Seating is limited for Ten Ten Ten and you don’t need to be a math whiz to figure out that tickets will go fast for this event.

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