Daffodil Day Cancer Bash at Streaming Cafe – April 27th

A few different artists are coming together to help celebrate Daffodil Day – a day when Canadians can show their support for those living with cancer and to remember those who have died. Someone that is very close to a lot of us is an amazing young man, Jordan Unrau (14) who is battling bone cancer where doctors recently discovered 5 tumors throughout his body. This gathering is really to show that we are standing with him & his family as well as anyone else who has gone through a similar circumstance.
Event info


Ari Neufeld

Nico Boesten

Graham Ord

Donations can be made at the Streaming Cafe towards Canadian Cancer Society.

One comment on “Daffodil Day Cancer Bash at Streaming Cafe – April 27th

  1. Harald Kamp says:

    Cancer Information: need informtion on bone cancer in rib cage

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