May 15, 2012 at O’Flannigan’s – Stone Iris

For the blues, rock and reggae inspired sounds of Edmonton basedSTONE IRIS, there’s just no replacing that feeling of commiseration and unity that comes from a group of friends gathered around at the stage, soaking up the night together and raising a glass to good times.

It’s exactly that kind of feeling thatSTONE IRIS taps into on their newly recorded EP, “Illuminations”, which is set for release on Tuesday, May 15, 2012. Like a lost night in a smoky bar, its songs feel easy to slip into and even easier to get lost in, using laid-back but propulsive grooves to create a mood that feels at once nostalgic and promising, familiar enough to get your guard down but restless enough to let you know that the best times are on their way. It builds off their previous releases,2011 twin-EPs The Boo Box and Serene Machine, the 2010 Silhouettes EP and 2008 debut Ezperanza, by revealing a band that is at once more assured and more expansive than it’s ever been.

2 comments on “May 15, 2012 at O’Flannigan’s – Stone Iris

  1. Many fans are looking forward to the launch of the ‘EP Illuminations’ album by SOUND IRIS. Previous albums have been really good and the launch of the upcoming one might record a good turn out. However, it will be a good idea to offer free drinks to those that will show up early enough during the launch of the new ‘EP Illuminations’ album. This is just a suggestion for spicing up the event.

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