Global Music Fest Friday – Beyond Sapphire

Catch Beyond Sapphire opening up for Andrew Allen on Friday night for the Global Music Fest!

Even the adventurous Behind Sapphire couldn’t have imagined the things that would happen to them this year. The group spent the first three months of 2011, on the road, touring the vast Canadian continent in support of their self-titled debut album. Their music video for “Oh My, What a Fine Day,” staring actress Jodelle Ferland, hit semi-viral status on YouTube. The song was featured in hit TV series Degrassi, and the video was eventually picked up by Much Music. In May, Behind Sapphire was selected as one of BC’s Top 20 artists in the Peak Performance Project.

After taking two months off to write a new record, the boys of Behind Sapphire embarked on a Western Canadian summer tour sporting blonde-white hair and overalls. The boys, following the tour, met and sang for the infamous Ellen Degeneres, who loved the music and stated “They’re fantastic. I like ’em.” The year also marked the bands first international tour to China. One of the highlights, of the month long tour, was the bands last show where they showcased for 100 million viewers on national TV.

Fresh from a whirlwind of incredible events, Behind Sapphire is set to release the “Diamonds EP.” The EP is a collection of songs inspired by love, marriage and family. “Diamonds” is a true reflection of the bands live show; it’s full of spontaneous, bouncy rhythms and affectionately soulful melodies. The EP is precursor to the bands sophomore record, which will be released in early 2012.


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