The RCA presents The Mississippi Sheiks Tribute Project on Jan. 27th

The RCA presents The Mississippi Sheiks Tribute Project

“Things Bout Comin My Way”

Date: Jan 27, 2012 7:30PM

  Price: $30 per adult / $10 per student  

  “I knowed the Mississippi Sheiks. Yessir. Walked ten miles to see them play. They was high-time….makin’ them good records, man.”- Muddy Waters

The songs on this project come down to us from a world long gone. Between 1930 and 1935, Sam, Lonnie and Armenter Chatman, the three sons of slaves who along with Walter Vinson made up the core of the Mississippi Sheiks, created some of the most memorable blues rants and square dance hollers ever conjured up. They were a top selling act, and were one of the first acts that appealed to both white and black audiences in the south-no small feat in those days!

The Mississippi Sheiks Tribute project represents the fruition of a long-time dream by producer Steve Dawson. Steve Dawson is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. Specializing in slide and finger style guitar, pedal steel, lap steel, banjo and other instruments, he is in demand as a performer, session musician and producer.

The band includes some of the greatest artists in the blues genre, including triple Juno awarded Jim Byrnes with his evocative smoky vocals and Del Rey who became a blues artist after actually meeting bluesman Sam Chatmon. Her guitar playing combines country blues, stride piano, classic jazz and hillbilly boogie through the sensibility of an autodidact trailer-park esthete. Keith Lowe is on bass and Geoff Hicks on drums.

The Sheiks sound was part country and part apocalyptic blues, which these talented artists will redefine.   “I was looking for good interpreters who could capture the essence of the songs rather than just recreate the original song” says Dawson.   

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