Hard Times Hit Parade- A Theatrical Extravaganza by the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret

  Date: Thurs January 19th 2012 7:30PM

Evening Show Price: $30 per adult / $10 per student www.selectyourtickets.com

This Dance-Until- You- Drop Marathon has rolled into our humble City!  In a world reminiscent of 1930s, reflecting the economic hardship of our present time, this full-length theatre production is chalk-a-block with swing dance, cabaret, live music, puppetry and surprise. Haunted by their own hallucinations, inner voices and deepest desires, the hidden worlds of the contestants come to life before our very eyes.

Hard Times Hit Parade features several dancing couples, as well as vaudevillian band Maria in the Shower playing popular songs from the ’30s and original compositions in a similar vein. “The band is very much part of the action,” stresses director Kat Single-Dain. “And the audience is involved as well, because it becomes the dance-marathon audience. The narrative is about a trio of organizers-the referee, the emcee, and the band leader-who travel the country setting up these events.”

The Rotary Centre for the Arts is transformed into a Depression-era dance hall for the show dubbed Hard Times Hit Parade where our audience will experience 5 and a half months of dance marathon in one night. The longest dance marathon on record lasted 157 days. We encourage everyone to show up wearing “Dirty Thirties” vintage threads, a fedora or your dancing shoes.

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