Ox Announces The November 8th Release Of tUCo – Kelowna show Nov. 21st with Forest City Lovers

Cosmic Dave’s Record Factory Recording Artists From Sudbury, Ontario Set To Release Their 5th Album & Prepare To Go Coast To Coast In November With Al Tuck & Forest City Lovers

“What I Love About Cars” MP3 + Album Art & Photos: http://www.killbeatmusic.com/ox/

From the opening mission statement of Neil Young’s ‘Out On The Weekend’, to its final atmospheric moments, Ox’s 5th album ‘tUCo’ meanders through its sonic explorations to arrive in twilight after an all night drive.

The plot: a soundtrack to an imaginary film- a lost script… from award winning indie filmmaker John Milne a loose storyline: “a 70s buddy movie channelling Keith Carradine and Dennis Hopper. The band is Tuco, and they’re imploding.”  This is all Ox had to work with- so, they created a soundtrack. The film was never made. The record was.

No accident is out of place here- tape hiss, amp hum, trains and TV… the Ox noise machines are well oiled. Featuring guest appearances from Fred Squire, Shawn Dicey, Max Myth, Nathan Lawr, Kate Maki & Dave MacKinnon, never has Ox sounded this focused, or this cinematic in its soundscapes while simultaneously presenting their most compelling songs to date.

It’s Rhinestone Cowboy meets Bright Eyes with a sprinkle of The Flaming Lips and it’s heading to a town near you soon.

Ox’s tUCo Canadian Tour Dates:

Nov 3 Thu KINGSTON @ The Mansion (w/ Al Tuck)
Nov 4 Fri OTTAWA @ Raw Sugar (w/ Al Tuck)
Nov 5 Sat MONTREAL @ Grumpy’s (w/ Al Tuck)
Nov 7 Mon QUEBEC @ L’AgiteE (w/ Al Tuck)
Nov 9 Wed MONCTON @ Plan B (w/ Al Tuck)
Nov 10 Thu HALIFAX @ The Carleton (w/ Al Tuck)
Nov 11 Fri CHARLOTTETOWN @ Hunters (Al Tuck)
Nov 15 Tue THUNDER BAY @ Apollo (w/ Forest City Lovers)
Nov 16 Wed WINNIPEG @ The Lo Pub (w/ Forest City Lovers)
Nov 17 Thu SASKATOON @ The Fez (w/ Forest City Lovers)
Nov 18 Fri CALGARY @ Palomino (w/ Forest City Lovers, Lorrie Matheson)
Nov 19 Sat EDMONTON @ The Black Dog (w/ Forest City Lovers)
Nov 21 Mon KELOWNA @ the Bean Scene (w/ Forest City Lovers) 
Nov 22 Tue CHILLIWACK @ tba (w/ Forest City Lovers)
Nov 23 Wed VANCOUVER @ The Railway Club (w/ Forest City Lovers)
Nov 25 Fri EDMONTON @ The Haven (w/ Forest City Lovers)
Nov 26 Sat REGINA @ The Exchange (w/ Forest City Lovers)

More Info: http://www.oxmusic.ws/

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