Imaginary Cities w/ Special Guests



Imaginary Cities w/ Special Guests
Saturday, November 26th – Habitat
Tickets: $12 advance/$15 door – Buy your tickets for this show here!
Advance tickets also available at Leo’s Video and Tweaked and Yummy Vintage Apparel
Doors at 8pm

It all started at The Cavern.

Winnipeg is known as the “Heart of the Continent.” In this beating heart on the prairies, there is always new music being made: in its clubs and basements, and in between work and life. Imaginary Cities was born in a club called The Cavern, in between sets. This new group, founded in a chance meeting is now readying to introduce their debut album, Temporary Resident in early 2011. They are a band that is fast becoming one of Canada’s most important and talked about new bands.

Imaginary Cities is the musical duo of Marti Sarbit and Rusty Matyas. Marti had moved to Winnipeg from Brandon, MB, and was playing in a Motown cover band called, The Solutions. Rusty did mixing for them. Rusty was no stranger to the Canadian music scene himself. His former band The Waking Eyes was signed to Warner Records, and he’s currently the multi-instrumentalist in The Weakerthans.

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