Canadian singer song-writer James Struthers in town for Pop Okanagan

You can catch James Saturday night as part of Pop Okanagan at Memphis Blues (10pm).  Get tickets here.


Three cross Canada tours, two EP’s, one determined artist. That’s the formula for Canadian singer song-writer James Struthers who headed back onto the road to promote his most recent self-titled EP. Just two years into his musical career, James has had an impressive amount of success, but not without some sacrifice in terms of personal comfort.

“I slept in my car, as I have done for three of my last four tours,” Struthers explains. “People always ask me how I stay clean/healthy. The answer…YMCA pass. It’s so refreshing to hit the track/shower after a 13 hour marathon drive.”

While James travelled the 34 day, 15,000 km, 27 show coast-to-coast tour alone, he was far from lonely on stage. He teamed up with local talent in nearly every city visited including most of Canada’s major metropolitan areas and some smaller gems. Because of James’ ‘DIY-Or-Die’ attitude, his passion for what he is doing is a vase left clearly on the table. This is the same passion that captivated his managers Glen Willows (Ash Koley, Inward Eye) and Arun Chaturvedi (Don Amero, Little Hawk) along with the rest of his quickly growing team.

“I’ve never met an artist so focussed, passionate and determined to connect with his fans and get himself branded, whether through social media sites or non-stop touring,” says Willows. “He is a happily-married combination of brilliant musicianship and savvy businessman; which is essential in today’s music business.”

James has a new music video for his song, “Baby Blues”.

Here is the link to the official video that was just finished, he shot it while on a recent trip to LA
He has another great video coming soon for a song called “You and Me and Optimus Prime” where he actually found a guy with a real looking OP costume! Here are some stills from it.

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