Canadian Independent Music Showcase at the Habitat

presented by Harte Music Productions and New Horizon Talent Productions
Tickets: $15 advance/$20 door – Buy your tickets for this event here!
Advance tickets also available from showcase artists
Doors at 6:30pm, show at 7:30pm

Featuring the best and the brightest of up and coming Vancouver and Kelowna talent, Harte Music Productions and New Horizon Talent Productions are proud to present the Canadian Independent Music Showcase featuring a stellar lineup including:

  • Cynthia Leigh Ann (Kelowna)
  • Roger Schmidt (Vancouver)
  • Dianne Wirtz (Kelowna)
  • Calum Hughes (Kelowna)
  • Denise Dodd (Vancouver)
  • Rachel Pavlakovic (Kelowna)
  • Daryle Ackerman (Kelowna)
  • Pauline Kyllonen (Kelowna)
  • Steven Koenig (Vancouver)
  • Christina Alconcel (Vancouver)
  • Auret Esselen (Vancouver)
  • KerryLee Manuel (Vancouver)

Harte Music Productions Inc is an all-inclusive music company that provides world class music production of many genres. We are breaking new ground in the areas of artist development and artist management. The co-founders, Don Harte and Mark Rosner, have over 40 years experience in the music industry combined.Co-owner Martin Acosta, has brought valuable contacts and experience to the company as well.We support our artists every step of way, after all, having a great CD is only useful if it can be heard. Having a great image is only useful if it can be marketed.

New Horizon was founded in 2005, basing itself on the idea to provide a connection between the Music Industry and the emerging artists in B.C. The number of talented young people in the Okanagan, B.C. and for that matter all over Canada is astounding, to put it bluntly, “Canada’s Got Talent” and waiting out there somewhere is another Shania Twain, Brian Adams or Jonnie Reed, just hoping for the chance to to be discovered. Minors have the toughest time of any hopeful artist or musician finding venues to showcase themselves, or to get themselves noticed, most clubs, pubs, and other such venues even some restaurants don’t want to baby sit these kids between their sets. The venues open to them are few and far between and most of these young artist just do not know how to get started in the music/arts business.


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