Calum Hughes @ Grateful Fed tonight

Calum Hughes is back at the Grateful Fed tonight, and last time he put off an amazing show!  Check him out.

Calum, growing up in Northern BC, learned to play the Scottish Fiddle at age six. This carried him into his teens when he started writing tunes on his guitar and Irish Flute. Musical influence showed through in the electric guitars and solid base riffs.

Calum’s penmanship showed through in his freshman album ( First Born ) and sophmore album ( Next of Kin).

Flash forward a few years and Calum found himself winning Western Canada Songwriting Competition for a “Single Soldier”. That album, Calum’s third,  (Boneshaker) won album of the year in the BCIMA’s.

In 2010, Calum won the “Band on the Run” competition for ” Henry has LOST HIS TEETH!” This tune hit the radio stations within the Okanagan. This would be album number four of the songwriters track record.

He has recorded three albums with the band Kinship and one solo album called “And that’s OK with Me”. Calum has been invited to perform all over North America at such festivals as NXNE, NXNW, SXSW, COCA.

Las Vegas loves Calum. He continues to perform and leaves every audience thirsting for more of his catchy tunes.

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