On Holidays

I’ll be back in town march 29th, and updating the blog at that time.  Check out the links on the right-side for the various venues around town with live music!


2 comments on “On Holidays

  1. Hi, We are having our first jam night March 17th here at Aspen Grove and we are going to be holding them every Thurs evening 7-11. I see you are possibly out of town at this time but please come over and check it out. Enrique (3 time Juno award winner) has been helping us out by using his connections with his music family. Look forward to seeing you. Sincerely, Agnes

  2. terry ginther says:

    craig cardiff… first time ever in kelowna…

    playing at the streaming cafe at 7- friday night. tickets are 10 advance and 15 at the door. if you havent heard of him – read up and hope to catch you there. http://www.craigcardiff.com

    also, i am hosting a house concert april 21 with Zachary Lucky. if you havent seen or heard him check him out at http://www.zacharylucky.com (10 bucks at the door to cover travel costs)


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