Broken Social Scene in Kelowna, and other cool shows

It was announced today that Broken Social Scene will be playing an intimate show at the Kelowna Community Theatre on Sunday, October 10th.  That’s pretty awesome.  Ticket presale starts tomorrow, on sale to general public May 14th for $30!!

Some Cool upcoming shows this week in Kelowna

Tues. May 11th: Ari Neufeld @ Mars Hill Cafe
Wed. May 12th: Jadeya Kelly @ the Minstrel Cafe
Thu. May 13th: Madison Rivers w/ Teleporter and Moments @ Habitat
Thu. May 13th: Madison Violet and the John Henry’s @ the Minstrel Cafe
Thu., May 13th: Scott Thielmann @ Cabana
Fri. may 14th: Malibu Knights @ Grateful Fed
Sat. May 15h: Pat LePoidevin @ The Streaming Cafe

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