Theset with Windborn, Oceans Apart – playing at the House on Feb. 24th

Theset, from Victoria, are playing at the House. Check out their latest video that’s on Much Music.

The band originally formed with the intention of playing only one set, so they wrote a full set of songs. They adopted the name ‘Theset’ for this reason. The band members originally included Kyle Dark (guitar), Jory MacKay (guitar), Dean Rode (bass guitar), and Tristan Tarr (drums). Dark asked Martin MacPhail (singer) to sing for the band’s set, and he did. The first show was a success, generating many young fans for the new band, so Theset decided to continue making music. When Dark left the country, he was quickly replaced by Elliot Carter (guitar), who had previously played in local band “Lythic Blue” with MacPhail.

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