Sloan in Kelowna Oct 26th

with the Yoko Casinos
Flashbacks, Kelowna, BC
Thursday, Oct 26th
Halloween party
Tix $15, $20 at the door
advance tix at Royal Anne Hotel, Flashback’s and Guitar Works

Apart from an hour set at Wakefest in ’03, its been 5 years since Sloan played a full show in Kelowna.

With a new album, and 30 songs, it should be a great show.

Sloan / Flashing Lights – Nov. 8th, 2001
if it feels good do it, the other man, lines you amend, everything you’ve done wrong, keep on thinkin, in the movies, the great wall, coax me, It’s in your eyes, *deeper then beauty, *I am the cancer, Never seeing the ground for the sky, people of the sky, sinking ships, I can feel it, the good in everyone, take good care of the poor boy, friendship, I love a long goodbye, underwhelmed
encore: penpals, money city maniacs

2 comments on “Sloan in Kelowna Oct 26th

  1. Anonymous says:

    Any idea where to get tix for this show?

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