Wintersleep at the Blue Gator Review

So what is there to do on a Tuesday night in this quiet ‘ol town? Well if you’re lucky, you stopped by the Blue Gator for a sold out show featuring 3 great bands from Halifax. Miss T Promotions did a fantastic job advertising this show and thanks to the staff at the Blue Gator (normally closed on Tuesdays), this was a great night.

The Dependant Records Tour, presented by Exclaim magazine made a stop in our town and the night kicked off at 8:30 with Jill Barber. She offered some great bluesy-folk songs with a lot of passion. My friend said she remindered her of Sarah Slean, and she reminded me of Tom Waits in her stage presence and delivery. After a nice short break, while the waitresses were busy serving jogs of beer and great food, the second band Contrived came on. This band consists of 3 members of the headlining band, Wintersleep, and they played an agressive, solid 40 minute set. Their guitar tech even came on for a few songs beforehand. The headliners who have been getting a lot of buzz and recently one an ECMA award, started around 11:15 and played for a solid hour. They played some great new songs, and some familuar songs like “Jaws of Life” and “Danse Macabra”. They have a couple albums out and I would recommend giving them a listen. They keep the dance floor hoping for their entire set, and the band seemed to be feeding off the energy of the crowd and having a great time.

A great Tuesday night out, and the support for live music and a great venue really came together. Big Thanks to the artists, and Miss T Promotions for a great evening. Stay tuned for a lot more exciting shows!

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