BOMBARGO – BORN ON MAIN Western Canadian Tour​, March 18th at Docs

Saskatoon, SK – Bombargo is a Saskatoon-based Alternative Rock group infused with modern, bluesy and soulful stylings. Their sound is the lively embodiment of all their personalities shining through each respective instrument. The punchy conviction and energetic deliverance of Nathan Thoen’s vocals are matched by the rest of the group’s presence and relationship with the stage. The guitar tones of Spencer Chilliak range from psychedelic howling solos to intricate, rhythmic, overdriven riffs. Pairing the tasty guitar parts with Graham Tilsley’s driving bass lines, the music sits comfortably on top of a powerhouse of groove provided by Phil Kashap.

All of the members take pride in being part of the growing communities and upbringing of the band’s hometown, and this is evident in their writing. With songs about believing in your potential, self-realization, and pursuing your dreams, these sonic trendsetters are not only skilled craftsmen at delivering great music, but they come with powerful and inspiring messages on- and off-stage. 

With the recent online release of their Back on Main EP in July of 2015, Bombargo has decided to donate all online proceeds to aid in the Northern Saskatchewan forest fire relief, to support those still affected, displaced and in need. This is just another indicator that their heads and hearts are in the right place. 

Physical copies of the album will be available in early fall 2015, when the band prepares to embark on a series of tours, eventually taking them to the West Coast early 2016. 

The band recently finished recording two brand new singles at the Sweat Shoppe in Saskatoon with producer/engineer Scott Neufeld, and have recently released a new single and video for the song, Precious Time (Lately), released late December 2015. 

After returning from the Western Canadian tour in early 2016, Bombargo is teaming up with a secret producer, to be announced on a further date, for their first full-length album to be released in the fall of September 2016.

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